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Wasteland Weekend

Wasteland Weekend, September September 27 – October 1, 2017

Wasteland Weekend is the World’s Largest Post-Apocalyptic Festival in the heart of the Mojave Desert

Wasteland Weekend post-apocalyptic participantsWasteland Weekend is a FULL IMMERSION festival deep in the heart of the Mojave Desert.  The goal is to make festival goers feel as if they are entering another world for a few days, leaving the trappings of so-called civilization behind and embracing a post-apocalyptic fantasy.

The event requires everyone be in costume for one simple reason; they don’t want spectators at the event they want participants!   When you step through those gates of Wasteland City, you will have an unbroken, 360 degree view of the post-apocalyptic world you’ve helped create.

Go Post-Apocalyptic at Wasteland Weekend, September 27 - October 1, 2017

The primary influence at Wasteland is and always has been the Mad Max movies. Most of the costumes featured in the last three films would fit in fine at the event. The Mad Max films present a GROUNDED but simultaneously outlandish vision of the end of the world; mohawks, studded leather, sports equipment and supercharged gas-guzzling custom cars, but you won’t see cyborgs, aliens, magic, or high levels of technological advancement. And while the Mad Max films have formed the core of the theme since year one there has always been room for other parts of the genre, so long as they don’t stray away from the more reality-based vision presented by that Mad Max films.

Wasteland Weekend post-apocalyptic muscle cars

This year will feature the first ever Wastelanders Ball, featuring a special performance by Abney Park! If you already have your tickets, click the link below for full entertainment lineup and wardrobe suggestions.           For more information on costumes, custom cars, the full entertainment schedule, including all performers and performance times, contests, tickets and directions to the event, take a browse through their website by clicking HERE.

Wasteland Weekend
Mojave Desert
California City, CA


Wasteland Weekend Spiked Mask




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