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World Con

August 9-13, 2017  75th Annual World Con – Science Fiction Convention

Activities and events at World Con typically include (but are not limited to) activities to support fan and external charities; art show – presenting paintings, drawings, sculpture and other work, primarily on science fiction and fantasy themes; autographing sessions, meet-ups, Walks with the Stars, and other chances to meet favorite science fiction and fantasy professionals; The Chesley Awards ceremony and The Hugo Awards ceremony; Costuming – both formal competition (the “Masquerade”) and casual “hall costumes”; at least one dance, with either live music or a DJ, including a Firefly Shindig world concontradance and a steampunk dance; dealers’ room – a large hall full of people selling books, games, comic books, movies, jewelry, costumes (often including weapons), and other fan goods; musical performances, music circles, and workshops; an independent film festival and other film rooms showing science fiction movies, television shows, etc; live-action and tabletop board games, card games, and role-playing games; live theatrical performances; panel discussions on a wide range of topics pertaining to speculative fiction (SF) literature; film, audio and other media; art; graphic stories; fandom and fannish hobbies; science, technology, and society; costuming, gaming, and music; socializing in the “con suite”, convention bars and at parties; speeches or other presentations by the Guests of Honor at this years World Con, which include:

John-Henri Holmberg (born 1949 in Stockholm) is a Swedish author, criticJohn-Henri Holmberg, publisher and translator, and a well-known science fiction fan. He published his first fanzine at 13, in late 1962, and was for a long period Sweden’s most prolific fan editor and writer. Professionally, he has worked as a critic and essayist, a translator, an editor and a publisher. John-Henri is an award-winning critic and essayist and he was presented with the Big Heart Award at the 2005 Worldcon.

Nalo Hopkinson (born in 1960 in Kingston) is a Jamaican author. She has lived in the Caribbean, in Canada, and is currently a professor of creative writing at University of California, Riverside USA. She has won numerous awards, including the John W. Campbell award for best new writer in 1999, the World fantasy award for the short story collection Skin Folk and Canada’s Sunburst award twice. Her work has also been nominated for the James R. TipNebula award. Hopkinson’s work explores race, class and Nalo Hopkinsontree Memorial award, the Philip K. Dick award, the Hugo award and the gender issues, as well as cultural differences in fantasy and science fiction settings.

Johanna Sinisalo (born in 1958 in Sodankylä) is a Finnish science fiction and fantasy writer. Sinisalo has won the Atorox award for the best Finnish-language SF short story seven times, and was awarded the prestigious Finlandia Prize for literature in 2000 for her first novel, Ennen päivänlaskua ei voi (translated as Not Before Sundown in 2003 and again as Troll – A Love Story in 2004 for the American market). The novel has also been translated into several other languages, and it won the James Tiptree Jr. Memorial Award in 2004.  Sinisalo was also nominated for a Nebula Award in 2009 for her novelette “Baby Doll”. Her eco-disaster novel Enkelten verta (Blood of Angels) was published in English in 2014, and the rights to the English version of her novel Auringon ydin (Core of the Sun) – a dystopia with gastronomical undertones – have also been sold.

Claire Wendling (born 1967 in Montpellier) is a French comics artist, illustrator and cover artist.  She was awarded the prestigious “Alph-Art avenir” (“future”/young talent) prize at the Angoulême International Comics Festival while still in her third year of art school and in 1991 was additionally awarded the festival’s critics’ prize (the “Bloody Mary”). Her body of work ranges in genre from sword and sorcery to jungle animals and sexy pin ups

Claire Wendling

and includes sketch books, illustrative works, and designs for Warner Bros.’ Quest for Camelot and the video game Alone in the Dark IV.

Walter Jon Williams is an award-winning American author, with strong ties to Finland (all his grandparents were born there). He has written more than 30 works, including cyberpunk (Hardwired, Voice of the Whirlwind, Angel Station), near-future thrillers (This Is Not a Game, The Rift), classic space opera (Dread Empire’s Fall), “new” space opera (Aristoi) and post-cyberpunk epic fantasy new weird (Metropolitan and City on Fire).

World Con 2017
August 9-14, 2017
Helsinki, Finland

World Con 2018
Click on the photo above for information about World Con 76 in San Jose, California in 2018.


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