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Long Beach Carneval

Long Beach Carnevale – 2022 TBA

Costumes, masks, hats, make-up for the whole family. We’re here at Etoile Costume & Party Center to assist you with your costume and mask selections for the Long Beach Carnevale . Let your imagination run wild.

The Carnival of Venice Italy has now made its home in so cal. Carnevale is dressing up and leaving your burdens, and stresses behind by becoming someone else behind a mask. This is entirely a Venetian tradition of celebrating Carnival. Since 2012 The long beach Carnevale has let many to be less shy, be admired, or admire photographed, or be photographed, play a role, dance feel like a star for a day, create or be created, have fun and have the best time. Come Feb 9th and with no cover charge celebrate the show or become the show. Come also for ongoing music and lots of fun. Family friendly from the very young and the not so young.
The Long Beach Carnevale is a fabulous event in the true tradition of Carnivale in Venice, Italy. The Venetian Carnivale is a dramatic display of breathtaking costumes and magnificent traditional Italian masks and headpieces. Strollers parade around squares and up and down the canals, celebrating the spirit of Carnivale.
This celebration at the Shoreline Village and Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach is a display of creativity, expression, mystery, music, and showmanship. All of it with the main objective of having fun and letting go.
Long Beach Carnevale invites participants, young and old, in costumes and masks, as well as photographers starting at 1:00 a.m., Rainbow Harbor outside of the Aquarium of the Pacific. Click on mask pic below to enter their official website for additional details.
Long Beach Carnevale

The Long Beach Carnevale
2022 TBA
Rainbow Harbor outside the Aquarium of the Pacific
Shoreline Village, Long Beach



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